Icarus Burning; Untitled 10

Right; a new day, a new beginning, a new pain in the throat.

Oblique obfuscation as a return to normalcy.

To have transgressed; me?

I shall be my own corona.

To give thought to the unknown.

To give convergence to the alone.

New music and new habit.

Midnight existentialism revealing new priorities.

I will chase you beyond the horizon.

Early is as early does, a smarter bird does well.

A realisation that maturity is the process of diminishing hope.

Cynicism, a shield, like the cartilage pavises that destroy the heart behind.

World turns, season change.

The remains of my umbilical parachute, she ate like her placenta.

And a dance card, a knife, and the onrushing ochestral roar of the oncoming apocalypse.

It looks to be a stunning day.